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Oriental Medicine

Oriental Medicine (OM), which includes acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, is a comprehensive healthcare system with a 2,500 year history of treating the entire spectrum of human illness. Now, having gained worldwide acceptance, OM is the complimentary treatment of choice for over 15 million Americans. Its holistic approach and gentle, supportive methods often yield powerful and amazing results. OM works by activating the body’s innate capacity to heal itself, thereby helping return the body to its natural state of balanced, optimal functioning. Oriental Medicine treatment modalities offered at International Holistic Center include acupuncture, acupressure, herbal medicine, electro-acupuncture, dietary and lifestyle counseling, and Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique (NAET).

Used as a complimentary healthcare system, OM may assist in the healing of many conditions, including:

Acute & Chronic Pain Stress/tension/irritability Peripheral neuropathy
Headaches and migraines Menopausal symptoms Sports injuries
Insomnia Premenstrual syndrome ADHD
Addiction Infertility Stroke
Anxiety Chronic fatigue Digestive disorders
Allergies and asthma Neurological disorders Chronic viral infections
Acute and chronic sinusitis High blood pressure

As the definition of health is shifting away from the mere absence of disease to the enjoyment of abundant and vital wellbeing, many are choosing OM for prevention and wellness maintenance.


Hair fine, disposable needles are inserted into specific sites along energy pathways to balance the body’s circulation of vital energy, promoting health by reducing stress and harmonizing mind, body, and emotions. Needle insertion is usually completely painless, but for those with heightened sensitivity or fear of needles, needle-less treatment options are available. Because we believe your comfort is paramount, at International Holistic Center we only use the highest quality and most pain free brand of acupuncture needles on the market. Treatments last 20-30 minutes, inducing a state of deep relaxation, and are often prescribed once or twice per week initially.

Herbal Chinese Medicine

Usually prescribed as complex mixtures of many complimentary herbs balanced together, herbal formulas are the pharmaceuticals of Oriental Medicine. There are hundreds of formulas recorded in the classical literature of Oriental Medicine, prescribed for every complaint from pain to trouble sleeping, and may be taken both internally and externally. Even if you choose not to take herbs internally, Chinese herbal liniments are often used as a part of your acupuncture treatments, and can assist in the healing of many conditions from asthma to chronic pain. In addition to counseling on healthy eating and basic nutritional supplementation to assist in your healing, your acupuncture physician can offer information on particular nutrients that may be useful for your specific condition.

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