Counseling, Therapeutic Life Coaching, Hypnosis and more at the International Holistic Center.

We are a one-stop-shop center that fuses conventional and alternative treatments to provide you and your family the most effective approach to health and wellness.

Services we provide:

Counseling, EMDR, Hypnotherapy, Therapeutic Life Coaching, Adoption Counseling and a lot more!

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What We Treat:

We address the problem at the core level, not just the symptoms by fusing the most effective conventional and alternative treatments to treat:

Acute & Chronic Pain Food Sensitivities Shingles
Addictions Gastrointestinal Stroke
ADHD Hormone Imbalance Smoking
Allergy Symptoms Infertility Stress Management
Anxiety Insomnia Trauma
Blood Pressure Lyme Weight Concerns
Blood Sugar Problems Migraines Individual
Depression Panic Attacks Couples
Children & Family
Fibromyalgia PTSD and More…


“Thank you for all your help with boundaries; for helping me think through what I want to decide are my limits; and giving me a good idea of what is reasonable and when I don’t have to be reasonable. A mambie pambie “non-directive” therapist would probably never have done this, leaving me to flounder around without clarity.”
-J. Carter, Ph.D.

“I heard the radio program and was impressed from my first visit. The pain from the post herpetic neuralgia has subsided completely. I am sleeping better, my energy is up and I have gained back 6 lbs of the 18 lbs I lost. The anxiety and panic completely subsided with the first two treatments. Viva la Ondamed!!! I like the peaceful and quiet atmosphere. The staff is caring, understanding and willing to listen. I am very grateful!”
– Jim

“Dr. Elizabeth King’s commitment to her patients is definitely evident. At IHC, the patient comes first.”
– Asif

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