Counseling, Therapeutic Life Coaching, Hypnosis and more at the International Holistic Center.

We are a one-stop-shop center that fuses conventional and alternative treatments to provide you and your family the most effective approach to health and wellness.

Services we provide:

Counseling, EMDR, Hypnotherapy, Therapeutic Life Coaching, Adoption Counseling and a lot more!

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“Thank you for all your help with boundaries; for helping me think through what I want to decide are my limits; and giving me a good idea of what is reasonable and when I don’t have to be reasonable. A mambie pambie “non-directive” therapist would probably never have done this, leaving me to flounder around without clarity.”
-J. Carter, Ph.D.

“I heard the radio program and was impressed from my first visit. The pain from the post herpetic neuralgia has subsided completely. I am sleeping better, my energy is up and I have gained back 6 lbs of the 18 lbs I lost. The anxiety and panic completely subsided with the first two treatments. Viva la Ondamed!!! I like the peaceful and quiet atmosphere. The staff is caring, understanding and willing to listen. I am very grateful!”
– Jim

“Dr. Elizabeth King’s commitment to her patients is definitely evident. At IHC, the patient comes first.”
– Asif

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